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PSP 2 Graphics Processor Revealed?

PSP2? Vat vill it look like?
psp2a 1333 300x250 PSP 2 Graphics Processor Revealed?

PSP2..... Vat vill it look like?

It’s now possible that British company may have won the contract to design and build the next-generation graphics processor for the PSP2. This company is Imagination Technologies Group, and they have recently announced that that the company has signed a license agreement with a new partner, “a major consumer electronics company.” Sources in the industry say that this is certainly Sony, and that the SGX55x will be the graphics chip to be in the upcoming PSP2.

PSP GPU Specifications:
166 mhz core speed
Up to 33 million polygons per second
664 million pixels per second (fill rate)
PowerVR SGX530 Specifications:
200 MHz Core Speed
13.5 million polygons per second
1200 million pixels per second (fill rate)
DirectX 9 Shader Model 3 support / OpenGL 2.0
128-bit color precision
Multi-sampling and anti-aliasing


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