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If you love Windows XP, you’ll hate Windows 7


microsoft_windows_xpWow, what the fuck is this all about? If you love Windows XP….you’ll hate Windows 7…interesting. The author of this article, Ed Bott, tells of a colleague of his that complains that Windows 7 is hard to migrate to if you’re on Windows XP. Here’s a little bit of the article:

The crux of Jason’s complaint is simple: “I learned how to use Windows in 1998. Don’t change a thing.” Here’s his main argument in a nutshell:

I find it difficult to believe that Windows 7 was created to be easier to use than Vista — if anything, they’ve introduced a number of UI changes that make the system much harder to navigate, particularly if you’ve never used Vista and are going direct to Windows 7 from Windows XP, which is the path that many users will experience.

Apparently “Jason’s” complaints are about the icons on the desktop not being there, and changes that apparently didn’t have to be made. So what the fuck? If you’re using Windows XP, and that’s what you’re used to, then fucking stick with it and don’t buy and upgrade to Windows 7. I use both Windows Vista and Windows XP on my desktop and laptop, and messing around with Windows 7, I think it’s perfectly fine.

Of course, you are going to have the people who bitch about the navigation that’s different, the different programs in locations that you don’t know of, yeah, that’s what you get when you upgrade your operating system, and that’s how it’s always been, and always will be.

I just don’t get what there is to complain about. When you upgrade your operating system on your computer, you should expect the graphical and user interface changes, as well as the navigation changes. There are obviously always ways to change the graphics back to the good ol’ Windows 97 style, but that’s obviously too hard.

I think this is a case of laziness, and if you want to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, then you’re going to have to rtfm (read the fucking manual), that will help you out immensely.


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