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Zombie Nazi Pack Released for Call of Duty: World at War


No less than 28 maps have been available for release for Call of Duty: World at War’s Nazi Zombie mode. These have all been made for the by user-created, zombifying map pack.

To get the Zombie Nazi fun, you have to complete Call of Duty: World at War, and get the ‘Nacht der Untoten’ achievement, then you and 4 people can fend off these zombies in a bunker by using all of your weapons, and getting new ones, as well as upgrading the ones you already have.


Here are some of the created by various different authors and put together by FilePlanet:

Nazi Zombie Rathaus
This place is swarming with Nazi SS officers that once occupied this German military base. Fires from the war still burn in this desolate hell hole and the large iron gates and fences that surround the house now trap the living dead inside.

Zombie Subway Last Christmas
Set in an underground subway with access to the main street, there are eleven different ways for zombies to surround the area, but there is plenty of room to manoeuvre around and survive.

Nazi Zombie Lost Island
This little island with a cool tropical breeze, palm trees, soothing ocean waters and a full moon glowing off the sea is interrupted by the moans of a zombie horde turn the island into a living nightmare.

To download the complete pack, it will take up around 1.5 GB of space on your hard drive, although each one can be downloaded individually.


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