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OLPC: Going Open Source, and Inviting Copy-Cats to Stay Afloat


xolaptop20It’s sad to hear, but the OLPC program is suffering from job cuts and salary decreases, so they decided to make one final attempt to say afloat in the market, make everything open-source, and hopefully enough companies will copy the design to make it profitable.

The news was delivered by OLPC frontman Nicholas Negroponte himself, during remarks at this week’s TED 2009 conference.

“Commercial markets will go to no end to stop you. It’s sort of a tragedy,” Negroponte said. “So the future of One Laptop Per Child is to go ‘from uppercase to lower case,’ to ‘build something that everyone copies.'”

This more or less sounds like a licensing deal, not true open source, but nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what companies will do with the design, and how much they can start making from it.


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