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Blue Dragon Plus – First Impressions


blue dragon plus dated in japan 20080518104513537 640w Blue Dragon Plus   First Impressions

Oh Blue Dragon, what a great series you are. I have never played or even touched the first game for the Xbox 360, so this is the first iteration that I have played. First off, in the game, there is tons and tons of dialogue. I went through 2 hours and it seemed as if I was only playing for 30 minutes. Also, the game isn’t a typical RPG, it’s an real time strategy mixed in with some of the features that an RPG might have. You have all of the same characters as you had with the other game. The only gripe I have about it so far is that it’s a pain in the ass if you want to “summon” your shadow because the button in the corner to do it is so small. So far though, the game is great, and hopefully I’ll get a full review up by this weekend.

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