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DPrime Review: Plants vs. Zombies


Okay, so over the last couple of weeks, I’ve pretty much been having an orgasmic time playing one of the funnest casual games that I think has ever hit the market. This game, developed by non-other than Pop Cap, would be Plants vs. Zombies. Okay, so before you read and get disappointed, it’s not a first-person shooter where you can be a plant or a zombie and you blow the shit out of each other. That’s not how Pop Cap rolls.

So the game is very casual, and very straight-forward for those of you who haven’t played a game like it before. What you do is place plants on various places on the tiled field, then those plants can do certain things, or have certain attributes, that can help you advance past the horde of oncoming zombies in the game. So you have your basic plants you can use at the beginning of the game, and those are: a sunflowers, and a pea-shooter. So what the fuck? What are you supposed to do with those? Well, this is where the game adds a layer of strategy (sort of….not really).

So, to get all of these different plants, you have to have a certain amount of sunlight. Well, you start off each standoff with the zombies with 50 sunflower super points or whatever the hell their called. Well, a sunflower costs you 50 of those points, while a pea-shooter costs 100. So you put a sunflower out there, and bam, you’ll see sun coming from it! So each sun piece you pick up from the sunflower will give you 25 sun points (I still don’t know why the fuck I’m calling them that).

So after you put out a couple of sunflowers, and you get a good stream of sun coming in, and you’ve got some pea-shooters out there, then you can readily attack the zombies, and fight off that god-awful horde.

As you advance through the game, you will get more and more plant cards that you can then summon onto your lawn by using your acquired sun points. Also, as expected, the more powerful and infinitely bad-ass a plant is, the more sun points it’s going to cost you, and some are going to have you investing a good 500 or so on them.


So as you advance through the first couple of levels in the game, all of which are in the sun, you get a little obstacle. You’re now in the dark, and the sun doesn’t produce sun. So what? You have to artificially make it. Some of these changes in the environment that you battle on include the lawn getting bigger, sun turning to dark, moving to the back yard where you have a pool that you have to work around and on, and fog invading your area. Also, as areas change while you’re fighting, the game requires you to have a great knowledge of the game and it’s mechanics, as well as having to have a great strategic brain to play the game and advance through the later levels.

So what about the zombies? What kinds of different flavors do they come in? Well, let’s just tell you that by the time you’ve reached the end of the game, you will have encountered 26 different types of Zombies, which is another thing I should touch on. Just how you advance through the game and get new and better plants to use, the zombies that you will encounter will become much more diverse and will become ultimately more poweful and harder to defeat. Some examples of “upgraded” zombies are the one’s that carry screens in front of them. You can’t hurt them until you’ve broken through the screen, and the easiest way to do that is to have a fume-schroom that will shoot some sort of retarded fire that will just blow right through them. Another example could be the football playing zombies. These zombies are all dressed up in football gear so that they are more protected from your attacks, and they can also run faster, having the ability to attack your beloved plants faster.

129510-plantsYou’ll also meet a character by the name of Crazy Dave, and no; unlike Crazy Redd, you will not have to worry about dropping 3,000 bells on a fake portrait. Crazy Dave is…well, crazy. Besides that though, you can use Crazy Dave’s to buy new cards, items, and card slots, but for the price of coins which you can pickup when you win a level, kill some zombies, or just find one laying around.

Sound like a good game, but you don’t want to be left hanging when you finish the adventure, and you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted $19? Well, after the adventure mode, and as you progress steadily through the game, new game modes will open up to you that you can play whenever you want. These are: Mini Games, Zen Garden, Mini-Games, and Puzzles. All of which add hours to gameplay if you want to the game after you are done with adventure mode.

What I like:

What I didn’t like:

All in all, the game is great. There are tons of different ways to play the game, a lot of different stages and zombies to fight against, and all of the additional game modes to mess around with and play when you’re done with the adventure mode, it makes for a pretty fun and creative game. Great to drop a couple of hours, and easy enough for anyone to pick up and play. Must-buy right now!

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