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DPrime Review: Fallout 3: Point Lookout


boat DPrime Review: Fallout 3: Point Lookout

After downloading Point Lookout you receive a message on your Pip-Boy informing you of a ferry that has returned from a port town. The ferry is willing to take passengers to Point Lookout for a price of course. Once you make your way to the dock you met Tobar the ferryman who will take you to Point Lookout for about 300 caps. The new map for Point Lookout is around 1/5 of the size of the normal wasteland map with a total of 30 new locations to discover.fallout 3 point lookout hillfolk enemy screenshot DPrime Review: Fallout 3: Point Lookout

As soon as you arrive in Point Lookout Tobar talks about how Point Lookout is the perfect place to explore and find treasures. He also points out that the old mansion on the hill as a big tower of smoke coming from it and that’s where you should head off to first. Once you get inside of the mansion you met a ghoul with quite some mouth on him who orders you to help him protect the mansion from a group of tribals. After you secure the mansion the ghoul named Desmond gives you your next mission which is to infiltrate the church of the tribals. The tribals require you to journey to the sacred bog and retrieve seeds of the Punga fruit. As you take the seeds from the plant it releases some form of knockout gas that puts you to the ground. After you get off the ground you begin to see things that normally weren’t there you begin finding weird new bobbleheads and start seeing weird ghost looking things and you start seeing little nuclear explosions. After backtracking through the bog you run into the bomb from Megaton and the guy who told you to blow Megaton up and after you talk to him your whole screen goes white and you wake up outside of the bog. After you return to the church you find that during the time you where on the ground someone came and removed a part of your brain so you could see the truth. You then go back to Desmond you tells you to find there leader who turns out to be a brain in a tube. After locating the leader you are told to put a jammer on the Ferris wheel and return to the mansion upon returning Desmond blows up the mansion using his panic room. You then go down into the panic room and prepare to take down the stupid brain once and for all.

fallout3pointlookout 00 DPrime Review: Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Point Lookout has only 4 main missions but there are also many other missions available after the main 4. Point Lookout offers new weapons such as a double-barreled shotgun, a lever-action rifle, and a special axe The Dismemberer. Point Lookout also features new enemies such as three types of hillbilly mutants, a Swamplurk which is a new version of the Mirelurk King, and Broken Steel’s Ghoul Reaver makes quite the nasty comeback.

What I Liked:

New World: The new map gave Fallout 3 the much needed right out of the box feel of an empty world just waiting for you.

Different Feel: Point Lookout took Fallout 3 from a desert wasteland to a radiated swamp which put a new feel while playing the game again.

What I Didn’t:

Ghoul Reavers: I understand they are supposed to be difficult which I am fine with but the massive number of them I encountered was just crazy.

Hillbilly Immunity: I played through Point Lookout as a level 26 which I thought would make me able to blow through the hillbilly mutants but those little guys can withstand so many bullets to the head it’s just crazy.

Fog: Fallout 3 for me was always just a tad too dark I mean really my light is my watch it doesn’t help a lot in the game or in real life. There are times when the swamp gets too dark and misty to see much.

The Quality of Locations: Many of the locations I found where not really exciting most are empty or have misc. items that I found to be of no use to me.

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