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Apparently Uncharted 2 is BETTER Than Perfect!


picture0019-b963339b51It looks like we’re all doomed. Why is this? Because Uncharted 2 is such a great game, that the French version of magazine PSM3 has given the game a 21 out of 20. I mean, who grades games out of 20!? Crazy fucking french.

Anyhow, the review says: ”Long, visuallya stunning, deep and explosive, Uncharted 2 combines all the qualities you can find in a videogame, and more! A new milestone has been reached in the videogame history.”

This makes Uncharted 2 the greatest game ever. I mean, if you don’t play this game, you could die and your life would never have been complete. A depressing thought, but unfortunately true. What this means is that everyone who doesn’t own a PS3 must go out and buy one, and pick up this game, and enjoy the 21 out of 20 that is.

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