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Enter the World of Minecraft: With Discount!


I used to think with the sword and the pen, but now I think with the shovel and the pickaxe. Where I used to dream of open skies I now see ceilings of rock and blocky clouds.

Where I used to jizz to women, I now masturbate to the cold, hard edifice of solid diamond ore, because I have found Minecraft.

Okay, perhaps Minecraft is not as world-consuming as I’ve cum–I mean come, sorry–to suggest, but the game is surprisingly addictive, which is very exciting considering the amount of development that still has yet to be put into the title, which is nearing its beta build with updates coming in constantly.

Even with such simple graphics, the vistas in Minecraft are oddly beautiful

Minecraft provides potentially massive levels, numerous materials, and myriad crafting recipes to make with them in a deceptively simple interface and the minimalist graphics mean the game can be played smoothly on a laptop. Since the game is still in it’s alpha build, I don’t feel comfortable reviewing it, but I’ve already bought the game for half-off ($13.50), and you can too if you pay up before the game moves to beta, which will host a multiplayer survival mode that has the community of over 30,000 owners jizzing–I mean, buzzing–with excitement.

The results of a new cavern generator in development at Mojang

You can expect the formal review treatment for this title the moment it reaches climax–err, finishes.

Ahem I mean is finished.

Raised by a pack of wolves in North Texas suburbia, Derek Sommer has become a consummate writer, gamer, artist, and party fiend. Find him at the nearest whirling epicenter of fun to Lewisville, TX.

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