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Derek Gets too Drunk to Drive Home: INTERVIEW TIEM


So… they gave away free beer at the Quakecon Closing Party, sooo… I kinda got too drunk to drive home. Instead of just passing out like any other drunk, however, I did what any good and drunk member of the press should do: interview random people in the line to leave the BYOC (apparently it was unprecedentedly long for so early in the morning).

The line out of the BYOC

It’s a bit slow-paced, but the interviews show how different the Quakecon experience was for different people, and I found the extreme variance fascinating (maybe you will, too!). Due to the extensive length of my recording, we can’t stream the audio in our normal format, and until then a download link will have to suffice (although we’ll work on getting a streaming version up and running). The views and opinions voiced by me in this recording do not reflect the stance of Default Prime or–sometimes–even myself. Hope you enjoy this while I work on getting out more serious content about Quakecon 2010!


Here’s part 2, a much shorter single-interview recording discussing an incident involving the police and hookah on the Hilton patio. The streaming doesn’t work, but perhaps Keenan can fix it because it’s a great story the guy tells:

The Hookah Incident]


Note from the Editor: So I got the audio to embed on the post without a need to download it, but the show’s over an hour long and over 40MB’s large so it might take a while to buffer or download, so don’t complain.

Raised by a pack of wolves in North Texas suburbia, Derek Sommer has become a consummate writer, gamer, artist, and party fiend. Find him at the nearest whirling epicenter of fun to Lewisville, TX.

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