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iPhone: Available on AT&T, and now Verizon


Rumors of Verizon offering service for Apple’s iPhone have been all over the place since almost the launch of the piece of hardware, and now it looks like it’s official. People now have the option to use AT&T as their provider, or Verizon.

The launch date for the iPhone on Verizon is set for February 10th, with prices staying the same ($199.99 for 16GB version, $300 for 32GB). Both of the phones are going to have a 2-year contract as well as a data plan required, but no word yet on the plans for the phone in terms of cost for messaging and calling minutes, as well as what the options will be for the data plan *cross your fingers for unlimited*.

I’m pretty stoked for the change actually, because I’m still rocking a flip-phone on Verizon and was looking into just dealing with the AT&T prices and getting and iPhone 5 when they are probably going to come out in the summer, but it looks like that’s no longer going to be the case. Maybe a little bit of competition will be good for AT&T.

via [Kotaku]

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