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DPrime Review: Mark Leung – Revenge of the Bitch


When the first hear the title “Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch”, perhaps the first thing that crosses your mind is “what the fuck?”. I mean the title itself is strange enough to warrant curiosity from almost anybody, but once you actually play the game, you have absolutely no idea what you’re getting into.

Revenge of the Bitch is a parody and a half on the JRPG genre, and pokes fun at many of the mechanics implemented most commonly into the Final Fantasy games. Not only that, but the game itself makes fun of anything and everything, whether it be the sexuality of Justin Bieber via a character in the game named Jostin Bieber, or phrases that the characters say after battles such as “no offense, but you’re utterly fucking pathetic.”

The game starts off at a pretty easy-going pace, with you controlling main character Mark Leung, and looking around for that last piece of ginseng in order to call it a day. You later meet up with your girlfriend, Frida, via a lovely live-action cutscene who seems to be terribly crazy (she has a pet imaginary polar bear), and later turns into a dog and attacks you. She then becomes your ex-girlfriend. In the first couple of hours not a whole lot is happening; in one mission you have to “castrate the ass of the giant bear”, kill 10 pandas for a panda-hating girl, among other things.

Later in the game things get taken up a notch, and Mark and his partners end up getting caught up between two religious factions including the Church of Vegetology led by L. Ron Diculous, an obvious parody of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology. Overall though I thought that the story was pretty interesting, and how unusual it was really kept me playing through the game.

Navigating the world should be familiar to anybody who’s played an RPG before. You control Mark as you walk around various locations, and you can also switch between characters that have their own special abilities that they can use in the overworld. For example, Mark can lock onto an enemy and when it comes near, and combo strike it. Mark’s brother, Dick, has an ability called “feign death”, which you can use if you’re walking by an enemy and you will automatically fall to the ground and pretend like you’re dead by holding your breath. Then to save your game, you have to find one of the many couches littering the world, and sitting on that will also heal you and your party completely, which really isn’t an inconvenience as you can usually find 2 or 3 couches in any given area.

Battles take place when you approach an enemy by locking on, and you can also attack them before the battle to get in that extra hit. From there it is just turn based battles with turns of each character shown on the right-hand side, which is simple enough. The different attacks that various people can use too is also very out of the ordinary and fun, and keep combat interesting and fresh.

There are also many enemies in the game that you will encounter. Some of the basic ones include butterflies, kittens, pandas, and then as you progress you’ll meet the terrifying loltrolls, among others. Some other tougher enemies include a bear with a human mask on, a giant person in a rabbit outfit and a giant carrot…. yeah, I don’t think you need any more examples.

One of the good things that I immediately noticed about the game is that it ran on my computer, which at best will run an indie game or two. I was able to run the game on medium level, so those of you that normally don’t play PC games or can’t due to a crappy graphics card, I’m almost positive you’ll at least be able to run it on the “total shit” graphics mode.

The one thing though is that the world seems a little bit uninspired and sort of generic at times (except for Ireland of course). Throughout the different areas (Hong Kong, Australia, Iceland, Ireland), things just feel a bit boring at times, but that can be solved most of the time by marveling and wondering how pianos and chairs ended up in trees and mountains.

The sounds in the game are pretty well-done, especially for an indie title, but one thing that I do wish was that during battles whenever you enter one or you win Mark or his characters say little quotes. From “Oh shit!”, to “Dude my healing kicks so much ass”. It’s just that you hear the quotes so… goddamn… much, that they get ingrained in your head.

All in all, I would definitely recommend trying out the demo of the game before buying it, but it was a pretty good play. The humor in the story is pretty funny, and the live-action cut-scenes definitely add a nice touch to the game. The environments and sounds are a little uninspired throughout the game, and the remarks after and before each battle can get a little bit annoying, but can be easily overlooked by pondering the tactics needed to defeat that legion of bunnies that just ambushed your ass.

7.5/10 – Great

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