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Dragon Age II sells 1 million, Gamers receive free copy of Mass Effect 2 on PC


BioWare has just announced that since their hit sequel Dragon Age II has managed to sell more than 1 million copies in under two weeks, the company is offering up a PC version of Mass Effect 2 for everybody that has picked the game up.

All you have to do check out this website if you own Dragon Age II, and then just enter the online pass that you got when you picked up the game. Also, if you threw away that card but already entered the code on BioWare Social, just click on “Lost My Code”, and that should help you right out.

What an awesome deal for BioWare to be doing. I mean Dragon Age II is a brilliant game, and to offer another great game just for picking up an already great game is…… great! So a big thank you to BioWare for this awesome deal and the great games they put out.

via [Destructoid]

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