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The Catch-Up: Mass Effect 2 – Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC


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If you didn’t get the reference nor did you read the title of this article before clicking on it, Mass Effect 2 is our game this week for the Catch-Up; specifically, the DLC side of things. And to narrow it down even further: Kasumi: Stolen Memory.

Kasumi2 625x351 The Catch Up: Mass Effect 2   Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Mass Effect 2, a little over a year since I finished my first playthrough and a number of months since I stopped playing my second. It took me a while to get back into the swing of things, but it definitely felt good to be reunited with my Shepard character.

The Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC gives you a mission to work with the best thief out there: Kasumi Goto. Kasumi needs Shepard’s help to retrieve something very important to her from Donovan Hock, a highly dangerous criminal. To even begin to get close to their objective, Kasumi and Shepard have to attend a party being thrown by Hock himself; a party that has invited a number of rich and deranged criminals form all across the galaxy. Shepard must assume the name Solomon Gunn and blend into the crowd to find the vault containing Kasumi’s precious object: A Graybox containing the memories of her deceased lover, Keiji Okuda.

Keiji Okuda 625x351 The Catch Up: Mass Effect 2   Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC *Come on, Kasumi. This guy?*

The DLC isn’t action heavy until the latter half and things are nearing a close. Until then, you’re mostly walking around looking for Hock’s Vault, Hock’s DNA, Power Coils to shut down the barrier to the Vault, and Hock’s very own voice to get pass the security. Here and there you’ll come across a few guards that you’ll have to take care of with your pistol (and no one at the party hears the gunshots) but they’re nothing to worry about.

Kasumi herself is a decent ally to have. She has a unique ability based around her stealth/thief background called, Shadow Strike. When using Shadow Strike Kasumi cloaks herself, sneaks up on her target and deals a very powerful attack. Afterwards, she re-cloaks and returns to her previous spot behind cover. I noticed in my playthrough that Kasumi would use this attack against enemies I wasn’t dealing with or against enemies that were already low on health.

I enjoyed the Kasumi DLC for what it was, but I was a bit concerned about the mingling, casual Shepard approach. In the normal story of Mass Effect 2, I screwed up Samara’s Loyalty Mission and didn’t gain her loyalty, so I was worried about botching the Vault Heist this time around. Good news: I didn’t.

But when I finally got my armor back on and was ducking behind cover, shooting people with my Particle Beam (that thing is awesome against shields), I felt so much better. Then I found out that I was playing on Veteran for some reason, and got slightly more cautious. Funnily enough, it took me a stupidly long time to figure out how to use my Slam ability (Left Bumper), and even after I figured that out, I still didn’t remember how to bring up the Power Wheel; I’m so ashamed.

ME2 Combat   Power Wheel PC half2 smaller 625x215 The Catch Up: Mass Effect 2   Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC *I know this is the PC version, Shh. Also: I now know what button it is on the Xbox: RB…right?*

But despite all that, the DLC wasn’t difficult. You fight your regular human enemies from the Eclipse Organization and there was only one Mech that I can remember fighting; a Mech that Kasumi took down while I huddled behind a wall trying to do my Slam ability. The final boss of the DLC is (spoiler) Donovan Hock himself in a gunship while more Eclipse Soldiers attack you on the ground. Again, not difficult. In fact, a cutscene plays out where Kasumi takes down Hock’s Shields and all you have to do is burn through his armor. If you’re like me and are playing with your max leveled character, 2-3 sniper rifle shots plus fire ammo is all it’ll take.

All in all, I enjoyed the DLC. 560 Microsoft Moon Points ($7) felt like the right price for this DLC to be at. Kasumi wasn’t as well developed as some of the other female characters like Jack or Tali, but that’s because you only know Kasumi for about an hour before it’s all over. I was hoping for more action and shooting in this but considering I had too long of a time getting back into my Mass Effect groove, I think what little cover based shooting I had may have been enough. It definitely makes me want to play the other DLCs (Hint Hint) or just play the original game again from start to finish. Maybe then I could have my entire team survive the last mission as opposed to losing Samara (meh) and Grunt (Noooo!)

Side note: Could you imagine Kasumi and Thane working together? You’d never see them coming. They’d be like a space version of Batman…if Batman was split into halves and wasn’t solving crimes but going around stealing and murdering people because he was paid to.

Thane Kasumi Love at first sight copy 625x268 The Catch Up: Mass Effect 2   Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC

*D’awwwwwwwwww. Love at first sig–Wait, don’t hurt me!*

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