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Monday Musings: Plurent, a new video game rental service that actually rocks


To start this off, I didn’t really know what to think of Plurent before I started using it. I have never used a video game rental service before, mostly because I was a little apprehensive about how well they actually worked, and if I would even have time to play any of the games that I rented given how busy I am. Well, after using the service for three weeks, I’m going to give you guys a little review on Plurent and why I really enjoyed their service.

The first thing that you do when you sign up for Plurent is give them your info, as well as choose what way you will be paying for the rentals that you’d like, and for that you can choose either PayPal or credit or debit card. The way that payments work is that you do not pay a flat rate, or monthly fee for using Plurent. You per game and for the amount of time that you have the game. Say for example you’d like Mass Effect 2. Well, you can search the game on Plurent and see how much the game is renting for, which the average price is $3 per week. The price that you pick though will determine how likely you are to get the game as well. So you are more likely to find somebody renting the game for $5 a week than you are for somebody renting it for $2 a week. You can name your own price, and then you will receive the game once a price is found that you requested.

You may also notice how I said “somebody renting” when referring to the game. What Plurent does that is unique to the service is let people who own games rent them out to those that are in need of them via Plurent, and choose how much you would like to rent the game for, and then you send it off. So you make money off of the games that you no longer rent, and you can use that money to rent games yourself or just get the cold hard cash. I actually haven’t rented out any of my games myself, but people say that it works great, and given the amount of games that they have their, both new and old, there’s no doubt that people are loving being able to make money by lending their games to people.

Now onto the service itself, and the efficiency of it. The first game that I rented was Super Scribblenauts on the lovely Nintendo DS. I put that game, among others in my list of games that I want to rent, and within a couple of days the game was at my doorstep. The game worked well and I had a hell of a time playing it (finally). Also, when you are renting a game, since the cost of the game is predicated on how long you have it, the time that the game is in the mail coming to you and going back to Plurent doesn’t cost anything at all, and if you want to send back a game after only a couple days of having it, you won’t have to pay for a full week, only the amount of time that you actually have it.

So in conclusion, I’m gonna have to give Plurent a Pip Boy thumbs up. The service is reliable and has an amazing amount of games to rent, and if you’re only interested in renting a few games here and there and play avidly, you could get a game done in a week and pay only $5 or $6, which is way cheaper than even buying a used game. The support is friendly and responsive, and I would highly recommend it to all gamers out there that are interested in renting or even lending their games.

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