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99 Year Old Woman Still Plays Nintendo After All These Years

Gaming Granny

In the four years since the Wii came out, there’s a good chance your grandparents have given it a try and are possibly still playing it today.  But your grandparents probably have nothing on Umejia Narisawa who’s been playing Bomberman on her Famicon every day for the past 26 years– and she’s 99 now!

The Japanese show Nanikore Chin Hakkei checks out bizarre and interesting people around Japan and in this clip, they pay a visit to Narisawa who started playing when she saw how much fun her grandchildren had playing with the game. She claims that it also benefits her by keeping her reflexes sharp and keeping her fingers in shape.

Admittedly, you don’t really see this a lot, but considering how young most avid gamers start playing, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more 99 year old gamers whipping out their favorite retro console everyday. In the mean time, this granny gets to stand out as a shining example of badassery, and she doesn’t even need buttonless controls to do it.

[via Japan Probe]

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