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All The Info on Minecraft’s Biggest Update Will Be Revealed At PAX


Mojang, the developers of the indie hit Minecraft, have a lot lined up for their PAX Prime booth this weekend. The Swedish team have listed their entire schedule for the event with information and Q&As on their upcoming titles Scrolls and Cobalt. Perhaps the most enticing news, however is the mention of a half hour Q&A session with Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. The session is expected to deal out all the info on the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.8 (Adventure) update, hopefully including a release date. After this Notch will provide the audience with a first look at what the update has to offer so expect to see the terrifying new Endermen in action alongside NPC villages, rivers and of course how the ‘adventures’ will play out.

Notch has previously stated that this update will be the last of its kind before the game’s official release this November, meaning what you’ll be seeing is pretty much the finished Minecraft product.

Click here for a full schedule of Mojang’s PAX show

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