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Sony Rolls Out New “Only On PSN” Celebration for October, Silently Includes Some “Rare” PS2 Games

God Hand

Sony’s got a pretty hefty lineup planned for the PlayStation Network this October.  Aside from some multiplatform gems coming soon like the Dreamcast Collection, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (one of my personal most wanted games of the season), and even Chrono Trigger, they’ve got a rather impressive roster of exclusive titles lined up for October.  Sony has decided to pimp this with their new Only On PSN promotion for the month of October by putting these games out on the forefront and offering 20% discount for early PlayStation Plus adopters.  Indie gems like Pixeljunk Shooter and Okabu are definitely ones to look out for, but the real surprise comes at the end of the press release.

Sony slips in a little detail at the end that a handful of PS2 games will be added in a “Rare Classic Games” section.  You can look for Odin Sphere, God Hand, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, GrimGrimoire, and Ring of Red to all hit the PSN at least tomorrow, according to Sony.  No word on if these are robust PS3 ports or simply downloadable ROMs like the PS1 games (which would actually be exciting news if it were) but if you missed out on your first chance to check out these awesome games on the PS2, now would definitely be a great time to put down some good money for the potentially HD versions.

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