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New Love Plus Trailer Here to Steal Your Hearts and Minds

Love Plus

For those not in the know; Love Plus is a DS game released in 2009 based around well… dating a Japanese girlfriend. Featuring three beautifully distinctive ladies, fabulous dating spots and a tag line stating “Always in Love 365 Days. Feel this Love everyday and night” there is no wonder it boomed so big in Japan.

After an extended version confusingly called Love Plus+ was released Konami is now bringing out the fully-fledged sequel New Love Plus for the 3DS. The trailer for New Love Plus shows off all the wonderful new features including a facelift on all models and backgrounds so characters don’t have weird flat paper-thin hair, Augmented Reality so your new girlfriend can come into the real 3D world and the most interesting addition “Boyfriend Lock”. Using the 3DS camera your girl will stay by your side can become confused if some girlfriend snatcher happens to pick up your 3DS. The camera is also used to introduce your virtual lover to your friends and family although whether this is an acceptable thing to do in society nowadays is pretty debatable.

You can begin your importing of New Love Plus this holiday season although due to the region locked 3DS it will also give you the opportunity to pre-order the game and get a swanky deluxe 3DS with the girl of your choice on the cover.!

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