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Goodsmile Announces Two Toy Twin Packs from Persona 4

Persona 4

Persona 4 was released back in 2008 by ATLUS for the Playstation 2 but it seems to be still riding the wave of popularity with an upcoming spin-off fighting game Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, a port of the original a la Persona 3 Portable called Persona 4: The Golden and finally a anime series based off the game called Persona 4: The Animation (which I highly recommend anime fans and Persona fans to watch). Now that is a lot of stuff coming from a game that was released 3 years ago.

A well known toy company called Goodsmile have announced that they will be selling figures of the Persona 4 character Teddie along with a little CRT TV prop. Now Goodsmile is a company that excels in quality and detail so these pictures here will look like crap compared to the real thing. But already Teddie looks vibrant, colourful and on par with the Goodsmile Nendoroids.

If Teddie is too cute for your tastes then check out the other twin pack; Izangi (Persona of the Protagonist) and Hablerie one of the many shadows fought inside the weird TV world. Again these figures look gorgeous in the pictures which makes me excited to see the actual physical figure. Now if only they can make a Yukari Takeba figure then my life will be complete.

All these figures are made by the Phat company and will be up for pre-order on the Goodsmile website on the 13th

Via [Goodsmile English Blog]

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