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Guest Post: Top 10 Tools To Create iPhone Games And Apps


iPhone, just as all other Apple products is amazingly designed with high tech features like full touch screen, digital camera, web browsing and lots more. iPhone is actually one of the most popular luxury gadget which everyone wants to avail, but is sadly not affordable by all.

iPhone is usually popular for its astounding exteriors, high tech features and for the brilliant applications of course. With the impending technology we can see many different iPhone applications launching every day. Not much people know but, one can also design the iPhone applications on their own.

To create the iPhone applications, one needs to write and place the codes in a right order. Though, there are many tools available now and thus even the non developers can create the iPhone applications using these tools. With the help of these tools the iPhone applications can be created without having the knowledge of scripting and programming.

Some of these tools are designed especially for the small business with minimal technicalities whereas some of them are designed to create high tech applications. In this article, I am heading to give an over view on 10 best tools with the help of which you can easily build up your own iPhone app. Below mentioned are the 10 recommended steps for building iPhone App:

1. Sweb Apps

It is a tool prepared by taking the needs of small business owner’s requirements in mind. One can easily build an app through this tool even if he doesn’t know the coding part. One can easily use the inbuilt themes icons and graphics.

2. Applncubator

If you are having a great idea for an app and you are not having much command on the coding to design it then there is Applncubator with which it is possible to create the apps.

3. Kanchoo

This app is basically designed to build the apps related to news organization and proved to be best amongst the others.

4. AppBreeder

This is going to be another online tool through which you can easily develop you own mobile application. This is the DIY application building services which is somehow similar to SwebApps. One of another advantage of this tool is that you can also choose different categories from this as it also offers you App-Kits. AppBreeder is wonder collection of pre-define applications which include almost everything for which you are searching for.

5. MyAppBuider

This is another online tool which is going to help you while developing your won mobile applications. If you are willing to sell your content and wondering for one of the best application to design your own mobile application then MyAppBuilder is one of the perfect tools for you. If you are the one who is concern about the budget then I must recommend you this tool as this will surely come under you budget. You can easily enjoy the services on $29 for a month.

6. BuildAnApp

For you are wondering for perfect tool for developing mobile on mobile such as Blackberry, iPhone or windows mobile then I must recommend you BuildAnaPP. This is DIY cross-platform based application which is most frequently used for small business enterprises.

7. MobBase

This tool also plays a very vital role in making your own iPhone App. The main feature of this tool is that one can create application-containing videos, bios, concert schedules and band news without even wasting your time in creating programming codes. Thus, an individual without even having programming skills can make an app.

8. Rhomobile

This tool is also very helpful but the thing that is needed with this toll is coding part. A person familiar with language HTML and Ruby can go with this application. With the aid of Rhomobile a developer can make their own application anywhere even for blackberry, Android marketplaces, windows Mobile additional to iPhone.

9. PhoneGap

This tool is also based on code and the best thing is that you can easily get the codes on different websites without paying a single buck. This is possible only because it is an open source development tool and hence helps you to develop your application free of cost. For this tool, the individual must be familiar with the language HTML and Java.

10. RedLaser

This tool is also knows as comparison tool as it helps you to compare the online deals with the in-store cost and aids you in scanning the barcodes too.


Guest post by DC who loves playing Diablo 2 and whenever she is in need of new diablo 2 items, she gets them from one and only reliable source.

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