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In-game Weddings Coming to Rift

rift weddings

In order to woo roleplaying fans — and allow them to woo each other — Trion Worlds said weddings will become a supported event in the fantasy world of Rift. “As our first steps providing you with the ability to enhance your own RP experiences, we’ll be introducing Weddings as a new feature in a future update,” Trion Worlds said in a recap post of its first RP town hall.

Rift wedding events will come with all the matrimonial trappings like rings, dress and tux costumes for the character couple, and “even a place to hold the ceremony if you want to use it.” Last July a real-life engaged couple held what could be seen as a precursor wedding in one of the roleplaying servers, complete with cheesy but heartfelt vows and a Game Master priest.

Weddings are nothing new in MMOs where gamers spend hours questing and raiding together that lead to more intimate attachments. They can also be a profitable side business, especially if power-boosting nuptial gifts are added into the package.

Nexon’s MapleStory charges $25 a wedding and showers newlyweds with items that help them grow stronger faster than their single counterparts. But maybe it’s precisely this ulterior motive that jinxes these unions — a recent survey showed 75% of MapleStory weddings end in divorce. Here’s hoping Rift couples find more lasting success.

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