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PlayStation Vita Games Won’t Have Physical Manuals


We’ve all been seeing the decline of video game manuals. Sure, they were still in the case to the game, but they were usually, so thin it was a joke or the manual was literally a piece of paper folded in half. Sony and it’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita will eliminate manuals completely in favor of digital manuals.

Inside Game, a Japanese site, got their hands on the Vita game and discovered that there was no manual inside. If anything, the inside of the case is pretty empty aside from the game itself. This comes after the Vita version of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 confirmed that it would not have a physical manual.

Is anyone against the removal of physical manuals? Even when they were still around and actually had pages to them, I wouldn’t read them. It was just the book in the case that gave it some weight and hid the bonus code/ad behind it.

Anyway, check out the pics Inside Games took of the Vita game they got their hands on. I never knew the games for the Vita would be that small.

Via [Destructoid]

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