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TERA Alpha Testing Ends, But No Beta Dates Yet

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Western fans of TERA have been on pins and needles waiting for the game to become more than just a pretty screenshot-and-trailer fantasy. This wish inched closer to reality with the announcement that “this week represents our last week of alpha testing,” said producer Chris Hager in a happy holidays post, giving hope for a full playable beta soon.

Alpha testing has been ongoing for four months now, according to Mr. Hager, with alpha playtesters restricted only to “a combination of hand-picked community influencers, select parners, and En Masse Entertainment employees (with their gamer friends/family).”

As TERA is a South Korean port, Mr. Hager said Western version publisher En Masse Entertainment has concentrated on incorporating “features that appeal to Western gamers” which would include “dungeon finder, western leveling curve, controller support, western key bindings, and revamped (and resizable) UI.”

The end of alpha testing signals that these features are in great shape now – or at least decent enough to be shown to a more critical public beta group. Still, this hasn’t emboldened them to pin down a more a specific beta start date from the previously confirmed “early 2012″ time frame. If we had to guess, a beta date will be cemented only in January when tasks like voice-over recordings — now a must-have feature after Star Wars the Old Republic made it a staple in MMOs — have been finished.

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