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Record 3DS Sales in Japan


During the holiday shuffle Nintendo sold over half a million 3DS handheld devices in Japan last week alone. The strong sales numbers pushes the 3DS aggregate sales over 4.1 million units in Japan. Two 3DS titles also eclipsed the million units sold mark this past week: Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, selling 1.04 million and 1.08 million respectively. Monster Hunter has sold over 730,000 copies to date and is expected to pass the 1 million mark by the end of the year.

The strong presence of quality titles, the former price cut, and the overall increase in holiday shopping were the driving factors behind the devices strong sales numbers. Since the price cut from $249 to $169.99 on August 12th, the 3DS has been the best selling handheld device on the market every single week. The 3DS even bested the PlayStation Vita’s launch weekend last week in terms of units sold.

3DS sales in North America are still lagging behind Japan in terms of aggregate sales, having sold only 1.65 million to date. The North American sales have been on the up-swing recently though, so that number should rise dramatically as the holiday season ties out.

“Via [Gamasutra]”

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