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You Can’t Help But Love This Goobbue Mount in FFXIV

FFXIV Goobbue Mount1

Sure it’s got a few flaws like creepy long arms and table stool legs and sagging moobs — just completely butt-ugly compared to the fancy drakes and horsies in other MMO lands — but you can ride its carpeted head like a freaking emperor!

Oh Square Enix, you kill us with your crazy mount ideas.

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida first hinted at a “special mount” crashing into the game’s next patch, but it was community representative Rukirri who confirmed the mount status of this bipedal monstrosity, reports FFXIVCore.

“Hurray for Goobbues! I’ve always loved these creatures,” Rukirri said. “There’s just something about them that makes me go “dawwww”, even when they mysteriously appeared and owned me when I first explored the La Noscea region. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!”

So, yeah, take good care of it FFXIV fans or risk a nasty backbite.

via [FFXIVCore]

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