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Microsoft Points to be Phased Out by Year End


Microsoft has decided to phase out the use of Microsoft Points by the end of this year according to a source knowledgeable of the decision. This decision will affect developers for three different services: Xbox LIVE, Windows Phone Marketplace, and Zune marketplace. By end the of 2012, all transactions will be carried out using the regions designated currency. Any Microsoft points that a user may have leftover at that time will be converted to the designated purchase and be available for future use.

Currently, this phase out of the points system is still an unconfirmed report. When Microsoft was asked for comment they said:

We do not comment on rumours or speculation.

The choice to move from simultaneous point and monetary systems makes sense for Microsoft. On Xbox LIVE, where the points system is most widely used, full games are listed in dollar values, but DLC is listed in points. On the Windows Phone, applications are listed in dollars, but in game purchases are listed in points. Shifting to entirely monetary listings would put Microsoft on the same field as PlayStation Network listings for consoles and Android and iOS applications and in game purchases for mobile phones. In addition to leveling the playing field, monetary listings would also make it easier for consumers since they will be able to buy the specific amount of content that they want without being forced into buying packages of points and having some leftover.

“Via [Inside Mobile Apps]”

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