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Journey Begins on March 13th

Journey 1

Did you manage to get into the summer beta for thatgamecompany’s upcoming game, Journey?  I did, and I loved every second of it.  The anonymous MMO is basically like if you took the gameplay of Flower, combined it with the exploration aspects of Noby Noby Boy, and threw it into the open world of Shadow of the Colossus.  You play a mysterious cloaked red figure wandering a mystical desert while encountering other silent players traveling the world at the same time as you.  It truly is a uniquely awesome experience, and now it has just been announced that the beautiful game is coming out on March 13th on the PSN for $14.99.  This is definitely one of my most anticipated games of 2012, and I’m excited to see that it finally has a release date– and that it’s coming up so soon!

John-Charles is an avid video game enthusiast who loves games with strong story, smart design, and a lick of fun. He's very hopeful for the future where others are doubtful and looks back on retro games with fond memories. With a long history with games, both old and new, he tends to Defaullt Prime's veritable museum of games, The Bitereon Collection, with a new entry every week. He's also a studying engineer turned communications with an eye for design. He also thinks cartoons are neat.

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