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Move Over Aegis! Persona 4: The Arena Gets a New Android


Persona 4: The Arena hasn’t been out too long and a new challenger has already been spotted. Meet the lovely Labrys, Age: Unknown. Likes to carry large axes around and chairing the student council of Yasogami High. She was dragged into the fighting arena after receiving an invite by the infamous Kuma (Teddie) and has dived into the TV to sort things out once and for all.

Her design obviously gives nod to the previous Android Heroine of Persona 3: FES Aegis but with a much cooler and toned down colour scheme. Information has already been leaked onto the internet on her role in Persona 4: The Areana since the Arcade version of the game has been out in Japan. It’s sad to say that she would not be a playable character in this version.

However there is still a chance that she will make a playable appearance when the game finally hits home consoles this summer 2012 for us westerners.

Via [Siliconera]

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