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Playtest Aion and Star in its Next Hype Video (But Transpo’s On You)

aion hype video casting call

NCsoft has just announced a cattle call for its next promotional video for the online fantasy romp, Aion, and it’s looking at real players to provide their “ZOMG it’s da best game ever” quotables. With promises of internet fame and bragging rights in game chat, Seattle residents who play the fantasy MMO can swing by the NCsoft offices for a quick on-cam interview that may or may be not used as a marketing reel. Interested? Here’s the full ad for the arguably fun, but unpaid gig:

Aion is seeking some player perspectives! Here is what we are looking for – players nearby the Seattle office who could come to the studio one day next week, play the game with some of the Aion team, and then give feedback in an on-camera interview. The interview would be featured in an upcoming video. Sorry, but no transportation costs are included. If you are available and willing to give an on-camera interview, please email with your name, character and server name, and a telephone number that you can be reached at!

Is this worth the downtown drive? We think that the key phrase in that ad is “play the game with some of the Aion team.” So if you want an early hands-on with the Aion 3.0 (version Free-to-Play) coming out in spring, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll do so, and be asked to rave about it. But we advise to draw the line if they start asking you to dress up in your favorite winter furry costume.

via official Aion website

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