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Sega Only Has About 70% Of Original Music Rights for Jet Set Radio So Far


Hardcore fans of the Dreamcast can and will tell you that one of the most memorable things the system had to offer was the slew of music you could find in its games.  From original beats in stuff like Space Channel 5, to the licensed goodness found in games like Crazy Taxi and Jet Grind Radio, gamers’ ears were in heaven.  So with the HD rerelease of Jet Set Radio headed to PSN and XBLA soon, Sega’s working as hard as they can to keep a hold on many of the licensed music you could hear in the original version.

According to Siliconera, Sega has managed to reacquire rights to use music from B.B. Rights, Guitar Vader, and Hideki Naganuma, but some more famous tracks by Rob Zombie and even more popularly, Jurassic 5 might not make it into the game since different people now hold the rights to those songs.  No official word yet on whether that means the songs just won’t appear in the game or if they’re just going to be removed entirely, but it’d good to see Sega is dedicated to getting the game out, reacquired licenses or not.  Many other games have been kept from seeing revival for similar reasons, disregarding workarounds or simple omissions.

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