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Pyramid Head Rape Scene Edited Out of Silent Hill 2 HD?

Pyramid Head

The Silent Hill HD Collection just released this week, and it’s been a somewhat bumpy road getting it to store shelves in as complete a collection as possible. The game first came under scrutiny when word got out that Konami was screwing over the voice actors in receiving royalties for reusing their work and now some eagle-eyed– or elephant-memoried– fans of the game have noticed that an iconic scene has been edited out of this release.  When James Sunderland stumbles through a hallway door, he encounters the infamous Pyramid Head engaging in the rape of a pair of sullen female torsos.  However, in the HD Collection version, the scene allegedly simply opens up with James stepping into the frame and cuts out the rape scene almost entirely.

It’s interesting to see that some of this game was censored on its voyage to rerelease and raises the question of whether or not any more content has been edited out of the game.  Is this a case of censorship or perhaps artistic reconsideration?  Given the odd trip this game has had on its way to PS3 and 360, I have a feeling it’s probably the former.

[via GameFAQs]

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