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Elizabeth Enters the Arena along with Playable Labrys


Persona 4: The Arena will be receiving a new character this coming April 5th in the form of the lovely hostess of the Velvet Room; Elizabeth. Elizabeth was first seen in Persona 3 as a guide to the Velvet Room and would introduce you to the fusion of Personas and handing out quests for you to do inside and out of Tartarus. In Persona 4: The Arena, her Persona will be the ultimate death persona Thanatos which was balls hard to get in Persona 3 and quite frankly not worth the pay off. The official Persona 4: The Arena site has been updated recently to include Elizabeth to the line up along with Labrys and her shadow counter part.

Rumoured is that one of Elizabeth’s attacks will be to switch an opponents HP and SP bars which could prove to be one of the most handy tide turners in a match. In regards to the new Android Labrys, Famitsu has confirmed that she will make a playable appearence along with her shadow self on March 22 and April 19 respectively. Hit the gallery below to see some fantastic shots of the two ladies in action.

We will have to wait until summer before we can get our grubby hands on the Persona 4 fighter.

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