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Re-VITA-lise Your PSVITA with ATLUS Games, EU Gamers Get the Shaft

Revitalised Feat

ATLUS has  put on a  “Re-Vita-lised” event and price dropped on all their current downloadable PSP Persona games , including possibly the best PSP RPG out right now Persona 3 Portable. Persona’s 1 and 3 have been halved in price and Persona 2: Innocent Sin has been reduced by $10.

But if you’re not a Persona fan (which you should be) there are other games getting the price drop too including Rivera: The Promised Land and Yggora Union both getting a $5 reduction and Knights in the nightmare is getting a full half off.  Right now the PSVita is leaving the competition behind with it’s library of games provided by the PSN store, Nintendo is going to have to pull out some pretty decent first party games to catch up. Although if they release a 3DS version of Smash Bros. they will have my support instantly.

Sadly EU won’t be getting any of these reductions.

A full list of ATLUS’s discounts is shown below:

Class of Heroes — now $14.99 (was $39.99)

Crimson Gem Saga — now $14.99 (was $29.99)

Hexyz Force — now $14.99 (was $29.99)

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble — now $14.99 (was $39.99)

Knights in the Nightmare — now $14.99 (was $29.99)

Riviera: The Promised Land — now $9.99 (was $14.99)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona — now $19.99 (was $39.99)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin — now $29.99 (was $39.99)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable — now $19.99 (was $39.99)

Yggdra Union — now $9.99 (was $14.99)

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