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Persona 3: FES is Heading to the PSN Store Next Week


If all the Persona 4 news is bumming you out and you want a nostalgic trip back to Gekkoukan High with Yukari and Junpei then the PSN store has you covered for next week. Announced on the PS Blogcast, Persona 3: FES will be released onto the PSN store as part of the PS2 classics for $9.99. No news as of yet about a European release.

Persona 3: FES is the updated version of the original Persona 3 that was released for the PS2 in 2008. Along with containing the original Persona 3 game it also included an extra chapter to the story called “The Answer” or “Episode Aegis” which followed the SEES crew after the final battle of Persona 3. This extra chapter will allow you to play as the Shadow Hunting Android Aegis who gained the wild card ability shortly after the events of Persona 3. The Answer serves as an epilogue to Persona 3 but doesn’t contain one of the core game play elements of Persona 3 which is the Social Links.

If you still haven’t played Persona 3, I highly suggest you give it a try if you want to play or even try a JRPG. It’s one of the easiest to get into and the characters are one of the highlights of the whole game. I am torn to which version I would recommend however. I’ve only played the Persona 3 Portable version which allows for you to control individual party members but at the cost of slide show cutscenes and fewer animations. But Persona 3: FES has the extra chapter and fully animated cutscenes at the cost of possibly more frustrating battles with AI controlled party members.

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