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Legend of Dragoon Coming to PSN on May 1st


Every time I bring up the original PlayStation among my friends, someone inevitably brings up Legend of Dragoon.  Subsequently, no one else in the room has any idea what he’s talking about, but I always do– and so do legions of Sony hardcore elite across the nation.  The cult hit RPG had a unique timing combo system and was a distinct departure from the Final Fantasy games on the system at the time.  With a sequel behind it that never got past the starting line, fans have been clamoring for a return to Dragoon for over a decade, or at the least, a rerelease on PSN.  Well, one of those wishes will be coming true when Legend of Dragoon releases on the PSN as a PSOne classic this May.  Hot damn!  I find it odd that Sony waited until this long to bring all its classic RPGs to the downloadable service, as I’m sure that would’ve definitely moved a few more consoles for them, a lot more of them are there now, with almost the entire original Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Chross, Persona 3, and now Dragoon all available for easy download.

Wow, I still remember when those games were fifty smackers or more and you had to drive all the way to the local toy store to get them.  Now they cost as much as a nice meal and you never have to leave the couch.  Man, I feel old.

John-Charles is an avid video game enthusiast who loves games with strong story, smart design, and a lick of fun. He's very hopeful for the future where others are doubtful and looks back on retro games with fond memories. With a long history with games, both old and new, he tends to Defaullt Prime's veritable museum of games, The Bitereon Collection, with a new entry every week. He's also a studying engineer turned communications with an eye for design. He also thinks cartoons are neat.

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