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Gomu Gomu no North American and European Release!

One Piece

One Piece is possibly the greatest Shonen manga ever created. With amazing battles, strong themes of friendship and even questioning the meaning of “absolute justice”, this manga turned anime turned world wide phenomenon is popular with the shonen market (young boys) and surprisingly the adult market as well (not in that way you pervs).

The new game One Piece: Pirate Warriors developed by Tecmo Koei looks amazing! Any fan of the series viewing the trailer below can see the detail they put into each character, the plot cues from each arc and the voice acting being the same as the Japanese Anime. It is with great pleasure to announce that One Piece: Pirate Warriors is coming out to the West this November 2012!

The only downside would be the amount of cut content that may happen to allow it onto the western market as a kids game. 4Kids Entertainment did this to the anime so much that it became laughable. One Piece does have some questionable things like the women having impossible hour glass figures that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous and heavy amounts of drinking, smoking, death of loved ones, tragedy and government conspiracy all wrapped up in a light hearted adventure to find the pirate treasure One Piece.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors will be out exclusively for PS3 with Namco Bandai discussing with retailers for a physical copy and PSN for a digital download. Will be hitting both Europe and North America.

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