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Bethesda Releases Debut Trailer for Dishonored, Revenge Solves Everything


It was yesterday, almost exactly 24 hours ago, that we reported on a random screenshot that Bethesda tweeted out with the one word message: Tomorrow. Well, tomorrow (today) has come and it turns out that the mysterious image was for Bethesda Softwork’s upcoming Assassin game, Dishonored.

Developed by Arkane Studios, Dishonored will put you in the role of a former bodyguard framed for murder in a world that’s more or less gone to hell. It’s been stated that Dishonored will take note of you actions in-game–in terms of how you take out your targets–and adapt to it. Its got an interesting premise and a very unique look (is that some Mirror’s Edge style running I see there?), so Dishonored is sure to be a game to keep an eye on.

And if you needed further encouraging, well…that’s what this new CG Trailer is for:

Dishonored is set to release later this year (please not October, please not October!).

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