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Persona 4: The Arena Screenshots Reveals it’s True Self

PA4 Feat

Famitsu seems to be dishing a lot of dirt about the upcoming fighting game Persona 4: The Arena. From the screen shots the story mode appears to be similar to that of their previous work with BlazBlue with a visual novel approach to story telling. It won’t be as deep as the original RPG which may be a disappointment to many fans since the Persona series is known for their complex characters.

Persona 4: The Arena serves as a sequel to Persona 4 with the Investigation Team reuniting under the pretence of a mysterious fighting tournament set up by Teddie. Along for the ride are Persona 3 seniors Mitsuru and Akihiko, the mysterious Elizabeth of the Velvet Room and Aegis the android playable in The Answer. According to early reports there will be four playable story modes from the outset with more story modes as you complete them.

Since this is a fighting game released recently it wouldn’t be complete without rumours of DLC. Again from Famitsu screen shots were shown of the main menu screen with a contents market option being available to select. If we go by what Arc System Work’s previous game Blazblue we can expect colours, costumes, unlimited characters, voice packs and even brand new characters added via DLC. I’m starting to grate on the fact that fighters will always carry DLC characters. Although its starting to become common place and I don’t have to necessarily pay for the characters I still feel I am buying an incomplete product.

Via [Famitsu,Siliconera]

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