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Bandai Announces Persona 3 Main Character Figure

Persona MC Feat

I always thought that the main character of Persona 3 was a product of the 2000s obsession with goths and emos. He has a massive emo fringe, dresses in dark cool colours, blue hair, listens to music constantly (probably MCR) and finally fights by shooting himself in the head repeatedly. Kinda gave a weird juxtaposition how people always wanted to hang out with him when he looked like he wanted to be left alone to write poems and livejournal.

Anyways you can have all the 21st centenary emo stereotype in your bed room in September at the low price of $38.83. Bandai will be releasing the Persona 3 MC as part of their Figurearts Zero line so he can join the other Personas and Investigation Team from Persona 4. I have to say he looks a lot better than the maid Aegis I looked at a bit ago. His face looks better, he has multiple poses and accessories including an evoker (gun).

A Yukari Takeba Figure next please Bandai.

Via [Bandai]

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