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Whoops: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Release Date Revealed by Target Pre-Order Card


Several days before the official reveal of the next Call of Duty on May 1st, a simple card from a Target store manages to confirm the actual name of the game as well as it’s November release date.

This reveal comes from IGN who was sent a photo of the reservation cards by one of their readers and, if you look at the image, you can clearly see the title, date, and the small ‘$5 Gift Card’ offer from the retailer.

This may take a bit of the excitement away from the full on reveal, but chances are we’ll get a trailer for the game come May 1st; so that’s something. But really, were any of us expecting it to not release in November?

Kyree didn't have an N64 or Dreamcast as a kid (so sad) and he doesn't remember finishing any of his PlayStation games, but skip to the PS2/GC/Xbox era and everything changed. He hasn't been outside to play tag in forever, but he can recall playing way too much Smash Bros. and even more Kingdom Hearts; seriously, he can recite lines from it. I think he may have a problem.

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