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Zynga Q1 Earnings


Zynga has announced their earnings for the first full quarter of being a public company, and there were positives and negatives. For the quarter ending March 31st, Zynga’s revenue rose 32% to $321 million. At the same time however, the company as a whole recorded net loss of $85.35 million.

As usual, the company released some stats about their user base including that the number of daily active users increased 6% year over yera to 65 million. Broken down one step further, monthly active users increased 24% year over year to 292 million. Finally, monthly unique users increased 25% year over year to 182 million.

Zynga attributes the poor earnings to “increased investment in new game development” with CEO and founder Mark Pincus saying:

We’re pleased with the progress that Zynga has made in the first quarter growing our audience reach 25% year over year and nearly 20% quarter over quarter. Our team did a great job launching 5 new games across mobile and web including new hits like Hidden Chronicles, Slingo and Scramble with Friends.

Zynga has made some big moves since their initial public offering in December of 2011. This quarter they launched numerous new titles in addition to acquiring OMGPop. Although the company posted a loss, as a whole it performed better than Wall Street anticipated, which is a small victory.

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