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I recently had the honor of playing the action RTS/RPG hybrid  Confrontation. Cyanide Studio’s new game is set in a fantasy world that is named Aarklash. This world is filled with conflict between two main factions: the Griffins and the Scorpions. The first are a noble race of holy warriors, the second an evil race that is set on dominating the world with the help of their evil experiments. The campaign starts with four Griffin warriors that you get to control. These warriors are tasked with the mission to thwart the Scorpion threat. Throughout their journey, they encounter the armies of two other races, the Wolfen and the Jackal. Basically, it’s a standard Dungeons & Dragons fantasy storyline, but without elves, orcs and goblins. There is an attempt to create something original, but it failed. Don’t try understanding too much of it either. The story is mostly told through voice-overs by a storyteller. The characters themselves have little dialogue, which leads to a lack of immersion.

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Tom has been a gamer since he was a small child, spending his childhood glued to his TV, enjoying beating up imaginary people and blowing the heads of imaginary monsters. From the NES over Playstation to his current preference of gaming system, the almighty PC. In his 'free time', he enjoys a variety of martial arts, drinking, reading, and other boring stuff. And he's totally into rock music.

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