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Respawn Entertainment’s Game Will Be A No Show At E3


When talking to Joystiq about their appearance at E3, Community Manager Abbie Heppe stated that, although some members of the crew would be at the event this coming June, they have no intention of showing anything about their game.

“Some of us will be present at E3, but we won’t be showing anything or doing any press related to the game.”

Which is a shame because I’m sure that many of us are interested in seeing what these Ex-Infinity Ward guys have up their sleeves. There’s next to nothing about the game aside from a blurry picture revealed a while back. I was hoping that the game would be announced for a 2013 release; although it could very well be planned to play out that way. In the meantime, though, we’ll all have to keep ourselves occupied until Respawn decides when it’s best to let the masses know what they’re up to.

Maybe after all this stuff between Activision and West and Zampella clears up? If it ever does.

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