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Taste the Rainbow with Persona 4: The Golden Opening

Persona4_the godlen5_0003

Persona 4: The Golden is the enhanced re-release of Persona 4 for Sony’s new handheld the PS Vita. It will include new scenarios, Personas, characters and mini games encased in the same Persona 4 formula from back when it was released on the PS2.

The PS2 version of Persona 4 featured a song called Pursuing my True Self and showed off some very anime inspired opening cliches that set the mood for Persona 4 which in itself was very anime inspired. The song is also a reference to the game’s core theme that all the character’s in the Investigation Team have to discover: their true self.

Persona 4: The Golden however decides to open a game about murder, self discovery and teenage angst with a ecstasy of colour and kaleidoscope visuals. Between the two I have to say I would prefer Persona 4: The Golden’s opener since it is more upbeat and focuses more on the companionship aspect of the game rather than the mysteries of the midnight channel shown in Persona 4’s opener. Also Kanji has some pretty damn fancy footwork.

Persona 4: The Golden will be released on June 27th 2012 for North America


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