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Jiraiya Feat

Persona 4 has been getting a lot of love recently. An anime, a spin off fighting game, a movie based off the anime and even brought about a whole Persona magazine. The magazine ran a poll for a character to be made into a figure similar to the Izanagi figure in the D Arts series. It seems that there are a lot of fans of Yosuke’s persona Jiraiya as he came out on top and is ready to pre-order from every good online figure store.

The figure looks superb with lots of flashy colours and detail which puts it very high on my figure radar. I also think that the colour puts it above most of the other Persona figures in the D Arts line but also the fact that it is very poseable without the moveable joints taking away from the aesthetics. That was the my issue with the Chie figure released recently but Jiraiya doesn’t have the same problem since he already looks like a weird robot thing so the joints add to the style rather than take away.

Jiraiya from D Arts will cost around $50.

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