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Persona 4: The Arena DLC and Changes to English Voice Actors

Persona 4 Investigation Team

The popular Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has reported that there will be DLC for the upcoming Persona 4 fighting game Persona 4: The Arena. It is currently unknown if this will be on disc DLC but will be in the form of additional colours and glasses for the fighters. As of right now there are eight colour variations for each character in the game already.

In addition to the DLC news Famitsu reports that there is a choice of menu navigators; Yosuke, Teddie, Aegis and Mitsuru with the default menu navigator being Margaret from the Velvet Limo. The magazine did not reveal if the new menu navigators will be unlocked through special means in game or through paid DLC like in their past game BlazBlue.

Other Persona 4 news focuses on the change in voice actors of Teddie and Chie Satonaka which is apparent in the recent E3 trailers of Persona 4: The Arena. ATLUS had stated in an interview that the English Dub of Persona 4: The Golden will also have this change in voice actors to keep the consistency of the characters. While disappointed fans like me will miss the vocal work of Tracey Rooney and Dave Wittenburg there will be an option to use the Japanese voices instead in Persona 4: The Arena.

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