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Yukiko Amagi Enters as Wave’s Next Beach Queen


There are some fine looking women in Inaba but none are as classy as the heir to the Amagi Inn; Yukiko Amagi. Sure she isn’t as popular as the idol Rise or outgoing and open as her best friend Chie but Yukiko keeps it classy wearing a kimono and wielding a fan into battle. In the last Beach Queen news story I wrote I wondered if any of the other Investigation Team will be getting a Beach Queen debut and it seems that Yukiko Amagi is that lucky girl.

Her two piece swim suit is straight out of the fictional store Junes and hand picked by the prince of Junes Yosuke Hanamura. In the game she was reluctant to try it on but was guilt tripped into it along with Chie for poisoning the player and Yosuke with mystery food X. While Yukiko’s pose isn’t as extravagant as Rise’s it certainly shows off her character of being shy and reserved with her hair dancing in the wind.

Wave’s Beach Queen Yukiko Amagi is available for pre-order and retails around $50. This figure will ship in November.

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