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Persona 3 Cameo in Post-Credits Scene Confirms Upcoming Persona 3 Movie


Persona 4: The Animation is an anime adaptation of Persona 4 for PS2. It ran for 25 episodes with a secret true ending episode being released with the Blu-Ray version of the anime. ATLUS in all their wisdom decided to carry on the Persona 4 trend of just releasing shit with Persona 4 in it and brought out a feature film based off the anime, throwing in a few more scenes and calling it Persona 4 The Animation –the Factor of Hope-. The movie contained the true ending but also another Persona secret.

Post-credits; the protagonist from Persona 3 (also known as Minato Arisato) takes his evoker (a gun shaped device) and places it against his head and shoots to release a Persona, then a notice appears stating that production on Persona 3 film has begun. I love to see this be the beginning of more Persona 3 but that would really be taking a step back for ATLUS. Their latest game was Catherine and did moderately good to great for it’s unique take on adult themes without being too crude or childish about the matter but I think fans are really dying for a Persona 5. Nothing has been announced for a sequel to Persona 4 but with the route the franchise is heading I see there being a card battle game based off the Persona franchise before we see a true sequel.

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