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Review | Art of Balance TOUCH!

Art of Balance TOUCH!

Gravity is a force that we all know. This invisible energy tends to pull things straight down to Earth. There’s a special force known as balance that allows objects and creatures to remain upright. One could say that knowing how to use balance is an art, and such is the case with developer Shin’en’s Art of Balance series. Originally released on the Wii via WiiWare in 2010, Art of Balance makes its way to the 3DS in the form of Touch!, containing the same 100 original puzzles, 100 all new puzzles, touch controls and 3D graphics.

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Born and raised in Denver, CO in 1979, I've been playing games since I was old enough to hold a controller. I was weened on Atari, then Nintendo and Sega, and currently own just about every console and handheld made. I'm an avid hip hop fan and I love to read books. Favorite authors include Dean Koontz, Stephen Hunter, and Christopher Moore. I'm also an avid movie watcher and I try to collect as many Blu-Rays as I can.

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